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On Feb 1, 2017, RazorianFly became RAZMAG™.

Birthed from a once infinitesimal web-blog to become an authority brand in Apple and mobile-related reporting, and driven by a personal love for user experience, RAZMAG™ will aim to serve a loyal readership with the technology news and app reviews they have come to expect over the last several years—whilst also catering for a growing online media convergence.

Over 17,000 backlinks (incl. NYT, 9to5Mac, Mashable, Engadget).


Driven by a personal love for user experience, while quenching a reader's thirst for the latest news and speculation concerning the next movements of Cupertino's most-secretive company, RazorianFly.com (at its peak) served a collective audience of over 100K/mo.

Ranked within the top 1M sites visited today.


Serving up breaking new music suggestions to listeners each and every week, #TheHotList is a recent addition to my ongoing projects that ultimately speaks to one of life's passions: the discovery of new music.

Now streaming on Apple Music as a weekly playlist.


AppChase (Beta)

Designed to provide an easy way to view near to real-time information relating to apps that are currently available to download on both iOS and Mac, AppChase is a search engine for the iTunes App Store.

The service also offers near to real-time charts covering the top downloaded FREE, Paid and Grossing apps.

Other Work



Over the last several years, I have been involved in providing various print and web visuals to UK non-profit PAPYRUS.

The national UK charity dedicated to the prevention of young suicide, PAPYRUS continues to carry out tremendous work in an effort to smash through the social stigma that can sometimes prevent those suffering from speaking out.

Working out of the charity's Warrington based offices for a period, today I continue to work on a freelance basis with the organisation - alongside volunteering and generally helping out, whenever I can.

Past Endeavours



At the beginning of 2010, I began aggressively researching the best way to develop vinyl adhesive skins for Apple's mobile devices. My search for the right material would see me contact potential suppliers in several countries, before ending a few weeks later with a UK-based manufacturer.

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“The Sexiest Vinyl Skins for iOS Devices” - Federico Viticci of MacStories
“Professional looking” - Paul Morris of RedmondPie
“iSKINZA goes Live!” - Greek iPhone



The introduction of Apple's iPhone, and the debut of the App Store in 2008, would see a market open up for icon design.

Available to both standalone developers, as well as major corporations - and with competition rife, it soon became apparent that users of the App Store were making their decision to purchase less on features and more on the overall quality and design of an app's icon.

With this in mind, it felt like the right time to offer a quality visual design service targeted exclusively at the iPhone and iPod touch.

Cue, RFlyGD. RazorianFly Graphic Design.


As featured in: “iPhone for Programmers: An App-Driven Approach” by Deitel (Amazon)
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